The Center’s Northeast Ohio Emergency Preparedness Initiative

The events of 9/11, the nuclear crisis in Japan, and Hurricane Katrina all provide stark reminders of the importance of emergency preparedness. The potential for emergencies to take various forms, and the fact that they often cannot be predicted, requires the involvement and coordination of many stakeholders and sufficient funding streams to support preparedness efforts.

The Center’s Northeast Ohio Emergency Preparedness Initiative plays a key role in improving the level of emergency preparedness in the region by working with area hospitals to increase their capacity and capability to respond to natural and manmade disasters. The Center’s work to improve emergency preparedness in Northeast Ohio has four major components:

  • individual hospital preparedness
  • regional hospital preparedness
  • preparedness partnerships with public health departments and public safety organizations (police, fire, emergency medical services) 
  • and preparedness with other community healthcare entities

Northeast Ohio Emergency Preparedness Initiative: Regional Coordination

Since 2003, The Center’s staff has served as the regional healthcare coordinator for 28 acute care hospital facilities over a five-county region (Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, and Lorain). In this role, The Center’s Northeast Ohio Emergency Preparedness Initiative staff assists hospitals in strengthening their abilities to respond to manmade or natural disaster events through planning, coordination, collaboration, and grant administration. Funds for this project have been made possible by the Ohio Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Grant funding has been used to increase and sustain capabilities in the following federal and state initiatives:

  • Interoperable communications
  • Bed Tracking System
  • Fatality Management
  • Hospital Evacuation/Shelter in Place
  • Partnership/Coalition Development
  • Alternate Care Sites 
  • Mobile Medical assets 
  • Pharmaceutical Caches 
  • Personal Protective Equipment 
  • Decontamination 
  • ESAR-VHP/Medical Reserve Corps

The Center’s Northeast Ohio Emergency Preparedness Initiative is committed to assisting the region’s hospitals in reaching individual, regional and statewide goals in order to reduce patient morbidity and mortality and improve the region’s overall ability to respond to emergencies and events which exceed our capabilities. The long-term goal of the Center’s Northeast Ohio Emergency Preparedness Initiative is to establish and improve Northeast Ohio hospitals’ level of preparedness, ability to respond and recover as well as develop a regional hospital network that is able to work together and with other response partners in times of disaster.

To learn more about The Center’s Northeast Ohio Emergency Preparedness Initiative, please contact Andrea Bishop at andrea.bishop@chanet.org, 216.255.3662 or Beth Gatlin at beth.gatlin@chanet.org, 216.255.3665.

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