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Systemic Healthcare Issues

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America’s Healthcare System: Under Strain and Under Scrutiny

It’s no secret that the American healthcare system is under strain. The 2008 presidential candidates are talking about it. Polls show the American public thinks the system needs change. The topic has even found itself the subject of a movie that recently opened in theaters. But just what is the scale of the problem? And short of rebuilding the system from the ground up, what can be done about it?

(The Center for Health Affairs, July 2007)


Is Inefficiency Ailing the Healthcare System?

This paper explores how healthcare financing, consumer behavior and regulation have influenced the healthcare system, and the role these factors play in the system’s ultimate ability to function efficiently.

(The Center for Health Affairs, September 2004)


Treating Behavioral Health Illness in a Patchwork System

More than 20 percent of Americans aged 18 and over live with a diagnosable mental illness. Complicating treatment for these individuals is the fact that up to 50 percent of the mentally ill population also has a substance abuse problem. Given the intertwined nature of mental health problems and substance abuse issues, the healthcare community frequently uses the term “behavioral health” when referring to the combination of the mental health and substance abuse fields.

(The Center for Health Affairs, March 2008)

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