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Hospitals and the Community

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Healthcare: The Heartbeat of Northeast Ohio

The economy is evolving in Northeast Ohio. Healthcare has become an increasingly larger source of economic activity, generating billions of dollars, employing thousands, and creating jobs even for those not directly employed in patient care. As the region looks to the future, the healthcare industry holds great promise for a healthy, vibrant economy.

(The Center for Health Affairs, April 2007)


Northeast Ohio Hospitals: Our Economic Future 

While manufacturing was once the heart of the region’s economy, the decline of that industry is necessitating a fresh look at our local resources and a new strategy for cultivating a robust economy. As the smoke from the smokestacks lifts, we are left with a clear view of our most promising enterprise: healthcare. This paper explores why it is important to begin viewing healthcare differently, and why we should think of our hospitals not simply as places area residents go for care, but as the best bet for the future of our regional economy.

(The Center for Health Affairs, August 2006)


Through Frank’s Eyes: Hospital Care from a Patient Perspective

Providing patient care in a hospital setting seems like a fairly straightforward endeavor. In reality, so many factors play into providing patient care that a trip to the hospital can be overwhelming, especially for someone unfamiliar with the system. The reality for hospitals is that demands upon them seem to continually grow while at the same time resources diminish. With challenges like the nursing and allied health shortages, a struggling economy, and ongoing efforts to squeeze reimbursement, a hospital’s ability to provide an excellent patient experience becomes an ever greater struggle. This major challenge of doing more with less begs the question, “What is a patient’s experience truly like?” Who better to answer that question than a hypothetical, typical patient?

(The Center for Health Affairs, May 2008)

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