Ohio Medicaid: Selected Readings

STAR Medicaid FAQ (2015 Update)

This updated FAQ addresses questions repeatedly emphasized by Ohio lawmakers and summarizes the impact extending the state's Medicaid program has had in Northeast Ohio. 

(The Center for Health Affairs, April 2015)

Ohio Medicaid Basics 2015

The publication provides an overview of Medicaid basics including financing, enrollment and eligibility. The piece also addresses Medicaid-related policy changes, outlining different optional and mandated services followed by various forms of financial reimbursement.

(Stephanie Gilligan, Health Policy Institute of Ohio, June 2015)

STAR Chipping Away at the Uninsured Rate among Children: Why Continued CHIP Funding is Essential

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program – now referred to as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – was established in 1997. Continued CHIP funding is imperative given that this program has succeeded in reducing the number of uninsured children by half.

(The Center for Health Affairs, March 2015)

STAR Access Works: Seven Reasons Why Continued Support of Medicaid is Critical

When Medicaid expansion became a reality in Ohio – and childless adults earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level gained access to health insurance – Ohio healthcare advocates celebrated this hard-fought victory. This Policy Snapshot includes information about how Medicaid provides access to necessary healthcare services, why it is essential to a person’s well-being, a description of why costs to the state are minimal, and more.

(The Center for Health Affairs, February 2015)

STAR Medicaid Expansion Moving Forward in Ohio

This Policy Snapshot details how the Controlling Board’s decision to authorize spending to extend Medicaid made Medicaid expansion a reality in Ohio.

(The Center for Health Affairs, December 2013)

STAR Medicaid Extension FAQ

This brochure summarizes the impact that an extension of Ohio’s current Medicaid program would have on Northeast Ohio. The pamphlet-like format allows readers to easily access key facts and figures of the proposal, including who would be covered by the extension and what costs Ohio would incur over time.

(The Center for Health Affairs, April 2013)

STAR Medicaid

Established in 1965, Medicaid is funded jointly by the state and federal governments and provides health insurance to eligible low-income and medically vulnerable people. This publication discusses Medicaid eligibility, enrollment, funding and medical care.

(The Center for Health Affairs, March 2013)

Mortality and Access to Care among Adults after State Medicaid Expansions

Three states that substantially expanded adult Medicaid eligibility since 2000 – New York, Maine and Arizona – experienced a 6.1 percent reduction in adult mortality. Reductions in mortality were greatest for minorities, individuals from poorer counties and older adults. State expansions also reduced the proportion of uninsured adults by 3.2 percentage points and decreased the proportion of adults delaying care because of costs by 2.9 percentage points.

(Benjamin D. Sommers, Katherine Baicker and Arnold M. Epstein; The New England Journal of Medicine; July 25, 2012)


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